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I can cum from being fucked up the ass.

I was introduced to anal sex by a woman, my next door neighbor. We had been sharing our husbands, and had seen her take a cock up her ass. I asked her about how it felt and she agreed to teach me. She used dildo's and strap ons to slowly get me used to the feeling of having my anus invaded by thick cock. Like most women, it hurt a little at first, but the pain quickly faded as I grew accustomed to it, and was replaced with pleasure.

By time I was ready to let our husbands double penetrate me, I had learned to enjoy that feeling of being packed full of hard cock. After our two husbands ravished me on multiple occassions, taking turns with both my pussy and my anus, I was at the point where I could orgasm from being fucked up the ass.

Today, after years of taking cock in every orifice imaginable, I simply adore anal sex and am always eager to have a hard cock invade my nether channel.

"fuck me up the ass" I will beg a lover, knowing full well how those words affect a man.

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